Authentic Life CoachingTraining for Women

Live out your life with greater focus, purpose, fulfillment, and a splash of fun!  Equipping busy women leaders with courage and confidence!


Infuse Coaching Focuses on You!

MY COACHING COMMITMENT: I will prayerfully, energetically, and authentically do all I am called and trained to do for each of you, through our coaching partnership. I will inspire and guide my clients to courageously pursue a life of wellness and purpose knowing they will grow and be transformed.


Business Partner

Torchlight Counseling

We are a faith-based, outpatient counseling corporation located in Middletown, Indiana. We are also a certified addiction treatment provider. Our goal is to support people in finding hope and healing in the midst of their struggles.

Ministry Partner

The REAL Crue

To provide/create a 'real life' community/city/state/world where people learn to love God and others (with their heart, soul, mind and strength) and have healthy relationships.



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