What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a strategic and powerful process that supports you in getting from where you are right now to where you want to be. LifeCoaching will move you from functioning to thriving in areas like: work-life balance, career success, health and wellness, finances, leadership, or any area you wish to move forward. Coaching encourages growth, change and action.


What if you could…

  • Quit making excuses why you “can’t” and intentionally pursue growth and wellness?
  • Stop blaming and doubting things will never change and start believing and building an unshakeable foundation for healthy relationships?
  • Leave old thinking and behaving behind and create new ways of seeing, knowing and being?
  • Step out of a world of chaos and reevaluate your priorities to find your rhythm and experience more peace?
  • Begin achieving your goals and meeting your objectives through structures and accountability?
  • Discover your vision and purpose to live with freedom and joy as you fulfill your life mission?
You CAN expect results like those through coaching!

What you can expect from me as your personal coach?

  • Listen to you and be honest with you
  • Meet you where you are and let you lead the way
  • Ask probing questions that cause you to stop and think
  • Encourage and support your learning, growing and stretching
  • Provide a safe place for you to explore, discover and design your life plan
  • Work with you to create strategies & action steps and eliminate obstacles or barriers
  • Challenge and motivate you to dig deep
  • Provide feedback and accountability
  • Keep hope alive and celebrate your accomplishments along the way


Life Satisfaction Survey

Do you still wonder how coaching might help you?

Assessments are great tools we can use in coaching. Check out the Life Satisfaction Survey and see where your “satisfaction” is low. What would your life be like if you could raise a 5 to an 8? A 6 to a 10? We can begin coaching in any area that you want improvement.

Is Coaching like Counseling, Consulting, Mentoring or Discipling?

No. There are clear distinctions between these professions and roles. Download this PDF to review the differences.

Visit the International Coaches Federation to find out more.

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