Team Building with Real Colors®


  • Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do or why others do the things they do?
  • Do you desire to boost morale, improve communication and create better relationships within your team or group?
  • A Real Colors® workshop is the answer!


AU Women's Basketball Team screaming their colors during an Infuse Coaching Team Building session.

AU Women’s Basketball Team screaming their colors during an Infuse Coaching Team Building session.

What is Real Colors®?

Through the Real Colors® workshops, individuals and teams discover how the four temperaments common to all people (Blue, Green, Gold, Orange) impact team interaction.

Real Colors® is a fun and interactive workshop that helps individuals and teams understand communication styles and behavior patterns, improve trust, perform tasks more efficiently and appreciate diversity. These are valuable insights that will elevate team relationships and communication, and allow for greater team success.

The team building activities, within Real Colors®, give participants a common language, are very practical and stick with you. The ease of color recall is amazing! Participants remember their color and the colors of those who go through the workshop.

Through Real Colors®, you will gain a new perspective on yourself and the things that are most important to you. The color learning continues with others. This knowledge allows you valuable insights into what’s most important to them, as well as, how they think and behave. It’s a powerful learning tool, personally and professionally!


Additional Information

  • As a certified Real Colors® facilitator, I believe Real Colors® will be a cornerstone for Infuse Coaching’s work with individuals and teams.
  • Real Colors® is a personality instrument developed by David Keirsey.
  • More information about the history and usefulness of Real Colors can be found at:

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