One-on-One Coaching


Working one-on-one with me is a life changing experience, allowing you to identify your challenges, work through them in detail and push beyond them. Our one-on-one sessions will cause you to be challenged and to want to make changes in your thinking and doing, which will result in shifts in your life, relationships, work and play.

Together, we will customize your coaching plan. You select which one-on-one coaching package will work best.

Here are some possible options:

  • Single sessions – as needed
  • 3 sessions – weekly or every other week
  • 6 sessions – weekly or every other week
  • 8 week program – sessions every other week
  • 12 week program – sessions every other week

Group Coaching

I am available to work with your team or group for the specific needs at hand. Contact me for information, to ask questions and see how we can partner together.

Intermittently, I will offer six or ten empowering weeks of group coaching with me. Each week you will participate in a group telebridge call that explores a key aspect of your development. Each call focuses on a targeted topic with a clear theme and is intended to work as part of a progression toward your individual thought development, growth and goals.

Here is what is will be included in those coaching programs:

  1. A private orientation call with me.
  2. Daily journaling
  3. Through journal sharing, I will make comments that push, support and encourage you to grow and make the changes you have identified.
  4. Connection with other group members who are interested in changing, achieving wellness and discovering their purpose as well as fulfilling their goals and overcoming obstacles.
  5. A community of support and accountability that continues beyond the group experience.

Sign up to receive notifications when a new group coaching program begins! Sign up is right here at my website…it’s easy. Scroll up, insert your email, name and click subscribe!

Note: For a group to launch, it must consist of at least 4 participants.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Click here to learn about the Prepare Enrich: Building Strong Relationships program or to set up a time to begin pre-marital coaching and mentoring using the Prepare Enrich assessment. Just have some questions? Contact me.

Team Building

Click here to learn about my Real Colors workshop or contact me for questions or to set up your next team building workshop.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats

I am available to speak at your next group, workshop, retreat, luncheon or event. You will hear real stories, with practical content that will encourage growth, cause you to stretch and inspire you to take action.

Contact me to share your needs and we will work together on the details.

I have an amazing ministry team that is available to partner with me for all workshops and retreats. Ask me for details!

Please contact me for more information about any of these services!